Urban Chic style flooring

Stylish City Living

Urban chic celebrates stylish city living, adding spaciousness to each room and allowing creative solutions that produce a home style that is both personal and functional.


It's easy to see why urban chic is still trending despite having been around for a few years. This unique industrial scheme maintains an unfussy and naked scheme, which allows the fabric of the interior to shine through. This engineered hardwood blends a modern feel with that of a pre-loved. It accents the furniture and any other accessories in a room.

Engineered Hardwood for your home

Urban chic style floors mean you don't have to live in a converted factory or warehouse to bring that industrial stylish feel to your home. With the right engineered hardwood floor, your home can be given a modern urban chic-ness with a few carefully chosen essential elements.


Urban-chic style can be described as elegant, stylish and classy with an urban twist. A mix of old and new décor items and traditional and trendy style touches, all in an airy, not-too-busy space.

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