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Parquetry, or parquet flooring dates back to France in the late 1600s and refers to the regular geometric patterns of inlaid wood. Its popularity spread and soon became the choice for many of Europe’s finest homes. Traditional patterns like D’Aremberg, Monticello, Chantilly, Chantreuse, Soubise, Fountainbleu and Gaujacq were popular.

It reached the grandest of settings at Versailles, where the motif for the Chateau de Versailles was created in oak panels to replace marble floors in the castle. This ‘Parquet de Versailles’ (as seen above) is an example of true artistry and detailed work that is still an all-time favourite in elegant and luxurious homes. Within our Country Living range, we occasionally manage to source genuine antique Versailles panels, but mainly we supply newly assembled versions made from stocks of reclaimed French oak.

Parquet continues to enjoy a trendy status in today’s interiors with contemporary parquet flooring like Herringbone (with single, double and diagonal variations), Chevron and Hexagon. It generally lends itself to traditionally-styled spaces with period features and a rustic edge. But even when it comes to embracing the eclectic, parquet flooring can make an exciting addition to modern rooms.

It is a good idea to remember that when considering parquet in your space, you will be introducing pattern to your floor. In smaller rooms, this can make the space feel smaller. To avoid a very busy look, use furnishings with a minimal style. As a general tip, parquet flooring always works better in rooms where furniture serves as a background rather than the focal point. It’s all about making the most of your parquet by bringing the pattern to the fore.

Darker parquet floors make a beautiful contrast for bright white walls. These shades are best suited to larger rooms such as lounges and hallways where they can make a grand statement.

Paler shades are great for creating a soft and airy feel in small or darker rooms. As a neutral base, the flooring is perfect for furniture and accessories that are more ornate or bold in colour.

Look out for our selection of Patterns and Panels on our webpage for a more detailed version of each.

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