Antique French oak Versailles panels. Traditionally assembled Versailles panels, with a planed finish but un-treated, suitable for rapid installation achieving an authentic antique French floor straightaway. Hand-made from genuine antique reclaimed French oak stocks, re-milled with mortice and tenon joints and assembled into panels using pegs in the traditional French way. Supplied with “loose tongues” in oak which slide into the grooves in the edges of each panel, so that each panel is joined to the adjacent panels. Separation strips with 45° points are optional (and highly authentic), and can be seen in this configuration in many French chateaus. Panel dimensions approx: 100 x 100cm (1 square metre per panel) x thickness 20mm. Bespoke formats are possible for specific room sizes, and other pieces such as skirting boards, stair treads, floor boards for borders and doorway thresholds available.



Antique Oak Versailles Panels

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