Reclaimed wagon board flooring comes from railway goods wagons that have reached the end of their working life. Naturally aged with the passage of goods and time, wagon boards are re-used for flooring, ceiling or wall cladding, and furniture. They are very robust and trendy. Wagon board floors have different types of finishes including planed, raw brushed or paint coloured, giving a range of interior design possibilities from historic, through to a more contemporary distressed “industrial” look. They can be prepared with tongues & grooves to facilitate installation. Please enquire for a bigger selection of wagon boards and images.

Reclaimed oak wagon boards used in the French railways, re-milled with tongue and grooves. These boards retain plenty of their original character, and have been carefully re-milled into 13cm or 15cm wide floorboards. They are thin enough to be suitable over underfloor heating systems. Mixed lengths from 70cm to 260cm. Thickness: 15mm.



Reclaimed Oak Wagon Boards

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