Antique Herringbone & Chevron

In this selection you will see a range of Chevron and Herringbone in reclaimed oak parquet flooring. Chevron, also known as Hungarian Point pattern, is one of the most classic French parquets. This type of flooring is particularly elegant, and characteristic in many French chateaus and 19th century Haussmann era Parisian apartments. Frequently in oak, chevron parquet has angles typically cut to 45°, but sometimes less. It is an aesthetic choice. Chevron parquet flooring was originally “hidden nailed” down to battens or joists, but nowadays is often installed glued to a sub-floor. There is a variation of the chevron pattern, called “Fougères” which features separation strips between the friezes. 

French oak Herringbone flooring is close in size to Chevron, with the striking difference being that the pieces are arranged at right angles to one another, rather than an angle such as 45°. This gives a rectangular geometrical aspect to the room. The widths from different reclaimed wood floors can vary, so options for re-installing include either re-milling completely, or recalibrating on the underside and edges but retaining the upper surface’s antique patina. Re-calibration is necessary in order to obtain a uniform “fit” when being re-installed. Like all natural parquet floors, reclaimed herringbone parquet flooring can take the usual variety of applied finishes depending on the desired result. When stocks permit, we are able to supply adapted to length, width and thickness requirements.

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