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Reclaimed parquet flooring stands apart from the floorboards in that it is a thinner plank of wood. In France, anything from 10cm and narrower is classified as Parquet. They can be extremely ornate and examples of parquet include narrow straight boards, herringbone and chevron. Carefully maintained, reclaimed parquet floor can last for centuries. Antique parquet flooring is timeless, having acquired a natural patina that new “aged” parquet struggles to achieve. For example, the reclaimed oak parquet floors which were typical in the 19th century Haussmann era buildings of Paris, bring warmth and style to the rooms thanks to the natural rich colour of the oak.

Antique parquet flooring is available in oak, pine, elm, walnut and chestnut. Finishes include being brushed, oiled, waxed or varnished or left unfinished. To facilitate installation of reclaimed parquet flooring, and depending on the characteristics of particular consignments, it might be possible to re-mill tongues and grooves and plane. Re-calibration such as this enables faster and easier installation.

Reclaimed Parquet Flooring

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